Makura farm – an organic paradise



At the midst of an ancient volcano on the Carmel Mountains makura farm is located. In a magical valley hidden between mountains olive orchards are growing for thousand of years. Some say these olives have seen the Romans. Between wild forest and fruit orchards an organic paradise exists –Makura.
The farm specializes in organic orchards. Olives, Merlo vine, litchi, persimmon and avocados. The organic production on the farm relies on applying compost instead of chemical fertilizers and using beneficial insects and traps for pest management. Soil fertility and maintaing biological balance are important milestones in our organic method on makura farm for the last 22 years. In order to process our organic olive oil in the best possible way an organic olive press was built on the farm. This plant operates according to the "two phase" method which means no heating and no water insertion during the oil process.
Our oil press processes olives only from our own orchards, in a unique method that keeps the quality, the taste and the health benefits of the olive oil. The olive oil is made according to the cold press method from 8 varieties of olives that are growing on the farm. Some varieties are local like the sury and the nabaly and some are Greek, Italian and Spanish varieties that have been adopted by the farm in order to enlarge and diverse different tastes and characters of Mediterranean olive oil. Our oil has won several prizes over the years and is considered as one of the top quality organic olive oil in our region.  We also process table olives mainly from surry and calamata varieties in a natural organic way without any preservatives using only organic herbs.
Next to our olive press plant, at the entrance, of the farm a visitor center is operating including an organic shop that sells our products. The shop and the olive press are open mainly on weekends and the public is invited to come and explore the beauty of Makura.
How to reach us: on the "old road" between Zichron Yaakov to Haifa in kerem maharal junction turn to moshav kerem maharal and drive east 3 km 150 meters before the moshav in an old olive orchard turn right to "bet habad" and enter our parking next to the olive oil press- a white building with an olive tree painting on its front wall.
We are open: Friday 10am -14pm, Saturday 10am -16pm  during the week call       
 e-mail to :

+972-544330608  +972-544330606