Holyland Harvest

The carmel region of Israel is known as gods vineyard. Mount carmel is the holly mountain

where the prophet Elijah challenged the 450 pagan prophets of Baal and demonstrated the

supremacy of God. the bible in kings 1 chapter 18, describes the ceremony of mount Carmel 

where Elijah prepare two bulls on two altars, one for god and one for Baal.

He invited the prophets of baal to call on their deity to set their sacrifice on fire and they were

unable to do so. Elijah then doused his altar with water and prayed to God, Who sent fire to

consume the sacrifice and his entire altar.

Once elijah had demonstrated the power of almighty God, the people accepted monotheism

and god sent rain to end a long-standing drought.

Today the carmel region is known for its lush green landscapes and rich fertile soil,

with abundant vineyards and bountiful olive groves.

Olive Oil | Holyland Harvest

Organic extra virgin | Olive oil

grown, pressed and bottled in the carmel mountains

by makura, israel

52 ₪

Grape | Holyland Harvest

Extra fine | Grape juice

Grown, produced and bottled in the Carmel mountains

by Dadah Winery, Israel